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The first FACEL marque production models “Type FV” and “Type FV1” of 1955 were named “Vega”. The Vega debuted with what became the marque characteristic: a center front grill with side “mustache” grills. The Vega’s grills had bold bars and were flanked by bright end caps on the front fenders, which housed 7″ Marchal headlamps over rectangular Marchal combination driving and turn signal lights. A 276 cubic inch DeSoto Firedome Hemi V8 powered the Vega, which could accelerate quickly to it’s top speed of 123 miles per hour, faster than almost any other 4-seater on the road at the time. Transmission choices included a French-built Pont-a-Mousson 4-speed manual or a Chrysler 2-speed Powerflite automatic. Wheels were French-made Robergel wires, which added to the elegance of the European design.

The sales price was $7,500 for the Type FV and $7,500 for the FV1. The estimated number produced is:

  • Production Prototype    1
  • Type FV coupe            10
  • Type FV1 convertible    7
  • Type FV1 coupe          26
  • TOTAL                         44