The HK500 4-seat coupe “type HK” was produced from mid-1958 through 1959 and “type HK1” from 1960-61. The name HK500 stands for 5 Kilos of vehicle weight per engine Horsepower. The new Wedge engine was about 100 lbs. lighter than the Hemi, power was similar, handling was improved, and top speed increased to 150 mph., making it the world’s fastest 4-seater. Introduced as a 361, engine size increased to 383 cubic inches in mid-1959. The four available Chrysler engines included:

  • Wedge 361 V8 with 1 carburetor (305 h.p.)
  • Wedge 361 V8 with 2 carburetors (310 h.p.)
  • Wedge 383 V8 with 1 carburetor (325 h.p.)
  • Wedge 383 V8 with 2 carburetors (330 h.p.)

Transmissions available included a Chrysler Torqueflite 3-speed automatic or a Pont-a-Mousson 4-speed manual. 4-wheel disc brakes providing improved braking became optional in 1959 and standard for the HK1 series of 1960-61. Adding up all the desirable characteristics made the HK500 the most successful of the V8 models. The sales price was $9,750 and the estimated number produced is:

  • Type HK   263
  • Type HK1 277
  • TOTAL     490