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Early FVS

For 1956, the marque name changed to the combined name FACEL-VEGA and the production models were the “Type FV2” and “Type FV2B”. The FV2B became the first model to be marketed in the U.S. as the FVS (short for FACEL-VEGA Sport) with a sales price of $7,500. Major design changes included the dramatic full wrap-around windshield as introduced on the 1953 Eldorado and Corvette and an artisan-applied faux painted woodgrain on the dashboard, each dashboard a unique work of art. Power for the FV2 came from a 291 cubic inch V8 engine and for the FV2B a 330 cubic inch engine, both DeSoto Firedome Hemis. The FV2B had a top speed of 128 miles per hour. The 6-volt electrical system was upgraded to 12-volt during FV2B production. The estimated number of early FVSs produced is:

  • Type FV2 coupes               30
  • Type FV2 convertible           1
  • Type FV2B coupes            72
  • Type FV2B convertibles      2
  • TOTAL                             105


Late FVS

1957 and 1958 saw the production of three coupe types differentiated by engine:

  • Type FV3      Plymouth Polysphere 277 V8
  • Type FV3B   Plymouth Polysphere 301 V8
  • Type FV4      Chrysler 300B Hemi 354 V8 (340 h.p.) or 300C Hemi 392 V8 (375 h.p.)

The front styling was refined with larger moustache grills, a finer texture to the grill, and stacked quad front lights, which would carry through to the HK500. The introduction of wind wings on the doors and tilt-out rear quarter windows increased both ventilation and comfort. Transmissions available included a Chrysler Powerflite 2-speed, Chrysler Torqueflite 3-speed automatic, or a Pont-a-Mousson 4-speed manual. Most late FVSs were equipped with glamorous Robergel bolt-on wire wheels or Rudge knock-off wire wheels, and 670 x 15 Michelin X tires. With a top speed of 142 mph, the FV4 was the primarily model for the U.S. market and was priced at $9,750. The estimated number of late FVSs produced is:

  • Type FV3 coupes           45
  • Type FV3 convertible       1
  • Type FV3B coupes         92
  • Type FV4-354 coupes    37
  • Type FV4-392 coupes    30
  • TOTAL                          205