The Facellia “Type FA” was produced in 1960, the “Type F2” in 1961 through 1962, and the “Type F2B” in 1961 through mid-1963. The design was a 2-seat convertible, 2-seat coupe, or 4-seat coupe with the marque styling elegantly applied to a compact package. The F2 and F2B introduced front and rear styling that was smoother, modern, and timeless. The 100 cubic inch dual overhead cam 4-cylinder engine was designed by Carlo Marchetti, parts were cast and machined by Pont-a-Mousson, and most engines was assembled by FACEL. The Facellia had some racing success, including a car with specially-forged pistons winning its class in the 1961 Monte Carlo Rallye. However, the engine had a number of weak points, resulting in premature engine failures. FACEL improved engine durability during production, but it was never fully satisfactory. This lead FACEL to purchase engines from other automakers for the models that replaced the Facellia, the Facel III and Facel 6. The Facellia transmission was a Pont-a-Mousson 4-speed manual and 4-wheel disc brakes were standard. Desirable options include a removable convertible hardtop, Nardi racing steering wheel, and plexiglass fairings for the headlamps of the early models. The base price was $3,995 and the estimated number produced is:

  • Convertibles*      616
  • 4-seat coupes      381
  • 2+2 coupes           48
  • TOTAL             1,045

*Only about 90 of the 1960 convertibles were sold new in the USA, the year they were officially imported.