Production of the Facel 6 “Type A” started at the end of 1964, as factory production was ending. Vehicle assembly from remaining part stock was continued by the Facel Service Center through 1966. The models offered were a 2+2 seat convertible, 2+2 seat coupe, with one 2-seat coupe, made. Powered was provided by a British Motor Corporation 172 cubic inch overhead valve inline 6-cylinder engine, for added performance. The Pont-a-Mousson 4-speed manual transmission was fitted with a Laycock de Normanville electric overdrive. The frame was all-new, to both accept the new powertrain and to improve interior room. The new frame rails, now moved outboard, allowed a lowered seating position for improved headroom and a larger footwell for improved comfort. The nose was lengthened about 3 inches forward of the front axle, the hood line was raised, and the hood bulge was widened to accommodate the larger engine. 4-wheel disc brakes and knock-off wire wheels were standard. Desirable equipment included a removable convertible hardtop, Borrani knock-off wire wheels, and Nardi racing steering wheel. The base price was $6,000 and the estimated number produced is:

  • Convertibles          7
  • 4-seat coupes     36
  • 2+2 seat coupe     1
  • TOTAL                 44